Fiorano Modenese

Where beauty meets craftsmanship, from prehistory to the present day.

There is no real boundary between Maranello and Fiorano Modenese: follow the route from the Ferrari Museum to the Ferrari circuit and you’re already there.

Any experience of the Maranello tourist district is like this: everything welcomes you with its treasures and different experiences without you noticing. Take Fiorano Modenese: a masterly land, where human ingenuity has transformed the hillside into an extraordinary material: ceramics.

This is why, in Fiorano, the know-how of the land of supercars meets that of the masters of ceramics, of industry 4.0, of the wonderful artistic masterpieces preserved in Spezzano Castle and in the museums dedicated to the extraordinary work of human beings.

What to see

Don’t miss mighty Spezzano Castle, to be reached by car - or for the more sporty-inclined - on two wheels. Inside is a cultural treasure like the Sala delle Vedute (Hall of Views) and the interactive Ceramics Museum. For art lovers, a stop at the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Castle is a must, or for those who prefer more contemporary shapes, there’s the BLA Library in the centre of town. And if you want to see something unique, don't miss the Salse di Nirano, a must!

Ufficio PIT presso Castello di Spezzano

Via del Castello, 12, Spezzano
Aperto sab e dom ore 15-19 (da marzo a novembre)
Tel. 0536/833298

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