The beating heart of Italy, where the Ferrari Legend was born and where it all began

There are unmistakable words, words that cross the borders of languages and nations and reach straight into people’s hearts, wherever they may be.

Try saying “Maranello”. As soon as you say the name, the synapses trigger emotions, the links between ideas and images of cars driven to the limit of speed, duels at the last bend, pure design and an all-Italian lifestyle immediately appear.

Maranello is synonymous with Ferrari, it is the word that carries within it the Legend, the place where all emotions converge in a single experience amid supercars, flavours, art and sport.

Set out to discover the city. Start at the Ferrari Museum and continue to enjoy yourself along the routes we have in store for you.

What see

From the Ferrari Museum to the Strada della Storia, pass through the center for a selfie with the prancing horse or Ferrari 575 in the hall of the town hall. And on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, book your seat in the Auditorium and watch the race as you've never seen it before!

A land of history, passion and talent: many stories, one community: Maranello.

IAT Terre di Motori Office at the Ferrari Museum
Via Dino Ferrari 43, Maranello
tel: +39 0536 073036

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