A hilarious show that absolutely does not end in suicide

At the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium with Lodo Guenzi


Auditorium Enzo Ferrari Maranello
Theater season 2021 2022
Curated by ATER Foundation


Tuesday 5 April 2022 at 9 pm
A hilarious show that absolutely does not end in suicide
by Nicola Borghesi and Lodo Guenzi
dramaturgical consultancy Daniele Parisi and Gioia Salvatori
with Lodo Guenzi
directed by Nicola Borghesi
production Argot Produzioni / Infinito Produzioni
The path of a person through fame, a very controversial word, can become a parable in which more people can recognize themselves: the life of the people, generally, consists in surviving leaving behind rubble. This is all terrible, but it’s also funny. The part that makes you laugh is that not yet completely compromised with a system calibrated to flatten everything, to make everything homogeneous and harmless. While success, which from the outside looks carefree and enjoyable, from the inside is as terrible as everything else, albeit in a different way. And then, finally, there is the theater. A show that was born from a friendship lasting twenty-five years out of thirty-five, the one between Lodo Guenzi and the director Nicola Borghesi who worked on the autobiography of a fairly famous person, Lodo, ​​which makes it on the one hand a potential object of interest for a greater number of people, on the other hand it increases the distrust of the genre, on the other it allows you to see from the inside places, such as Sanremo or X-Factor, which are usually seen in their version packaged for the public.

At the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium with Lodo Guenzi


05 Apr 2022




Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia

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