Animals in Japan between reality and legend


Japan topics at dusk
Meetings by Floriano Terrano
Maranello, June-November 2022

Saturday 25 June at 9 pm
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela (outside the Mabic Library)
Dōbutsu. Animals in Japan between reality and legend

The image that Japan often transmits of itself outside is given by its technological modernity and its infinite urban agglomerations. I reality Japan is still a deeply rural country with a wild and largely untouched nature. Consider that 73% of the Japanese territory is made up of mountains and 63% of forests, many of which are inaccessible and difficult to explore. Flora and fauna of Japan are very rich, with the presence of bears, monkeys, foxes and other wild animals that live free and sometimes share the same spaces as pets and humans. This profound richness of the presence of animals has struck the imagination of the Japanese people from the beginning, and animals are among the most important protagonists of the cultural and religious heritage of Japan, up to occupy a prominent place in art and literature. Japanese. The meeting will be a journey into the Japanese world of animals between legend and reality.


With the patronage of the Consulate General of Japan in Milan

animali del giappone


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25 Jun 2022


21:00 - 22:00


Piazzetta Nelson Mandela
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela, Maranello, Mo