Incanta & Dora

Wednesday 19 July 2023 at 9.15 pm
Parco Due, Maranello
(in case of bad weather the show will take place on Thursday 20 July at 9.15 pm at Parco Due in Maranello)

Incanta & Dora
A camper and a theater in places you don’t expect
Show with Roberta Biagiarelli and Sandro Fabiani
Babelia & C. – cultural projects
Barbara Pasquariello – production assistant

The roar of an engine, a record player at full volume, the sound of a horn, low beam lights that cut through the evening, the audience waiting in front of an empty space. Taddeo enters the scene, a historic Volkswagen T2 from 1979 with a couple of extravagant ViaggiAttori on board: Roberta Biagiarelli and Sandro Fabiani.
She is Incanta and he is Dora and immediately the theater explodes on stage.
Their theater closed for who knows how long and they were forced, by nature and necessity, to emigrate by traveling.
Taddeo, the unrivaled protagonist, becomes an exceptional stage from which original objects, furnishings and furniture from the seventies spring up like a firework that decorate the space and become the bearers of stories and melodies to create a vintage and light-hearted atmosphere.
The public becomes a guest near the camper d’Incanta & Dora, she as a real mistress takes care of it with words that move between nostalgia, love and eccentricity, while Dora entertains the public with gags and chic songs seventies.
The couple from ViaggiAttori juggles the stories of their travels and encounters, with the art of someone who knows how to enchant, a light show with style and refined complicity.
A project that seduces and amuses in being together to feed the imagination of relationships.
Incanta & Dora is an opportunity to bring some theater even to non-equipped and / or peripheral places.



19 Jul 2022




Parco Due, Maranello

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