La Molli – Fun behind Joyce

At the Ferrari Auditorium the show based on the monologue of Ulysses


Auditorium Enzo Ferrari Maranello
Theater season 2021 2022
Curated by ATER Foundation


Thursday 24 March 2022 at 9 pm
La Molli – Fun behind Joyce
by Gabriele Vacis and Arianna Scommegna
directed by Gabriele Vacis
with Arianna Scommegna
produced by ATIR Teatro Railhiera
Molli’s are whispered confessions, whispered confessions. The starting point from which Gabriele Vacis and Arianna Scommegna take their moves is Molly Bloom’s monologue that concludes James Joyce’s Ulysses. Molli’s character is immersed in an everyday life with a Milanese sound, translating the text into a plot of cultural references close to our time. The river of words is the same stream of consciousness as Joyce’s character fills a sleepless night with thoughts and lies as she waits for her husband Leopold to return home. The actress, poised between novel and life, retraces her existence of little love, infinite expectations, missed opportunities, from the first kiss to a rosary of lovers to be shelled to silence the void, from the pain of a lost son up to a final ‘yes’ pronounced in favor of life and love by a woman who was never bent on resignation. The painful notes are always dissolved in irony and a lightness that saves everything; the text constantly plays with the double register denounced since the subtitle, telling stories in a way that is now light-hearted, now desperate, and fragments of life flowing like tears, choking on a cry or dissolving in laughter.

At the Ferrari Auditorium the show based on the monologue of Ulysses


24 Mar 2022


21:00 - 22:30


Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia

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