Little Boy – Incredible and true story of the atomic bomb

Theater Season 2022-2023
Auditorium Enzo Ferrari, Via Nazionale 78 Maranello
Curated by ATER Foundation

Thursday 15 December 2022 at 9 pm
Little Boy – Incredible and true story of the atomic bomb
Roberto Mercadini
by and with Roberto Mercadini
directed by Roberto Mercadini
live music Dario Giovannini
SILLABA production
Terry Chegia distribution
Little boy, literally “little boy”: this is the code name of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. With an atrocious sarcasm, an affectionate nickname has been given to the device that will cause the greatest massacre of all times: 160,000 victims. This story is all like this, from start to finish: that is, from the first results of quantum physics to the explosion.
So: full of extremes that touch each other: full of irony and horror, of perfect calculations and absurd randomness, genius and idiocy, questions that have too many answers or that have none.
And it’s also full of littleboys, kids: Niels Bohr who, while still a student, amazes his physics teacher with a seemingly inconclusive answer; WernerHeisenberg who at the age of 21 will already be Bohr’s collaborator and who will win the Nobel Prize at 31; Enrico Fermi who at 14 will already show signs of an almost disturbing intelligence by devouring an apparently illegible book: a physics text from the 1800s, written in Latin and 900 pages long.

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Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia