L’Oreste – When the dead kill the living

Theater Season 2022-2023
Auditorium Enzo Ferrari, Via Nazionale 78 Maranello
Curated by ATER Foundation

Wednesday 30 November 2022 at 9 pm
L’Oreste – When the dead kill the living
Lost Academy / Romagna Theaters
by Francesco Niccolini
with Claudio Casadio
illustrations by Andrea Bruno
sets and animations Imaginarium Creative Studio
directed by Giuseppe Marini
a show co-produced by Accademia Perduta / Romagna Theaters and Societies for Actors
in collaboration with Lucca Comics & Games

Oreste is interned in the asylum of the Osservanza in Imola. He was abandoned when he was a child, and from an orphanage to a reformatory, from a chore to an outrage on a public official, he ended up in there because, quite simply, in Italy, it used to be like this. L’Oreste is a reflection on abandonment and denied love. On how life often does not discount and is merciless.
A very original show, of poignant poetry and strength, in which dramatic and other tenderly comic moments flow. Thanks to the hand of Andrea Bruno, one of the best Italian illustrators, and to the collaboration with the Lucca Comics Festival, the show works with the continuous interaction between theater and animated comics. Claudio Casadio gives life and voice to an unforgettable character, tackling the important and delicate theme of mental illness with great actor sensitivity.

Info on tickets and presales: https://www.comune.maranello.mo.it/events/stagione-teatrale-2022-2023



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30 Nov 2022




Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia