The History of the Japanese Imperial House


Japan topics at dusk
Meetings by Floriano Terrano Maranello, June-November 2022

Saturday 23 July at 9 pm
Nelson Mandela Square (outside the Mabic Library)
Tennō. The history of the Japanese imperial house 

The Empire of Japan is the oldest reigning monarchy in the world.  According to Japanese mythology, the founding year of the empire of Japan is 660 BC, while the first certain historical evidences date back to the beginning of the sixth century AD.

The current dynasty is certainly related to the most ancient emperors and an aura of mystery, devotion and reverence for the Emperor and his court still persists in contemporary Japan.

Among religious practices unchanged over the centuries and jealously guarded secrets from time immemorial, the second meeting of the “Tasogare” review will discuss the most representative figures of the current imperial court and its future prospects.

With the patronage of the Consulate General of Japan in Milan


la storia della casata imperiale giapponese


23 Jul 2022


21:00 - 22:00


Piazzetta Nelson Mandela
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela, Maranello, Mo

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