The unknown and the obvious

The unknown and the obvious

XXI Review of photographic projections by the Circolo Blowup Maranello

Auditorium Enzo Ferrari, Via Nazionale 78 Maranello
Screenings start at 9 pm, free admission.

Wednesday 21 September
Gigi Montali
Born in Parma but a citizen of the world, he has many personal exhibitions in Italy and is the author of various photographic books. “Both in the photographs of distant countries, which are neither distant nor exotic in his shooting, as in the projects on Emilia and the lands of the Po, Montali turns out to be a travel photographer interested in traditions, aware that the journey of life requires a sincere look and a pure soul “.

Wednesday 28 September
Giulio Montini
Comasco, he is the photographer with the most admissions and victories in Italian photographic competitions (FIAF) and with various successes also abroad (Katar, Japan, UK, Abu Dhabi). Among these is fresh winner of the Weather Photographer of the Year 2021, out of over 8900 photos in the race, from 114 countries. It also boasts twelve participations in the world cup with the Italian Federation of which 5 times world champion and three times second.

Wednesday 5th October
Alessandro Bergamini
Photographer and Traveler, lives and works in Finale Emilia (Modena). Author of important and beautiful photos published in numerous magazines, during his travels in the most remote countries and places of the world, Alessandro manages to capture moments of light between time and space, in dimensions of unknown cultures, managing to build a spiritual bridge and visual between faces and places, colors and scents of the East in an extraordinary way. His post-production technique is the result of extensive research and experience to be able to fully express the atmosphere experienced in his travels. In his book “Humanity” over thirty ethnic groups he met on his travels are narrated in images.

Wednesday 12 October
Blowup Circle
Evening with the images of the members of the Club: the excellent photographic ability and the variety of styles of the club members guarantees an evening of beautiful stories in images.

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21 Sep 2022


21:00 - 22:30


Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia

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