The unknown and the obvious

The unknown and the evident 2023
Twenty-second edition

Organized by the Circolo Blow Up in Maranello, the photographic audiovisual review “L’Ignoto e l’Evidente” returns for four Wednesday evenings at the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium in Maranello starting at 9.15 pm with free admission. Also this year there are prestigious guests who transmit the art of photography with different sensitivities.

Wednesday 20 September / opening night
Traveling with the Blowup
Blow Up Circle
The members of the club, each with their own sensitivity and expertise, through their images allow us to travel ideally for an evening

Wednesday 27 September / naturalistic evening
Milko Marchetti
Ferrarese naturalist and photographer, with thirty years of experience, twelve times world champion of nature photography, awarded numerous honors, collaborates with the Adm. Prov. of Ferrara, with the Tourism Office of Ferrara, the Natural History Museum of Ferrara, with the Po Delta Park, Delta2000 and numerous sector magazines
“… my adventure companions are: a camouflage shed, long hours of waiting, cold winter days, summer heat, fog, countless mosquitoes and my camera”

Wednesday 4th October / great travels evening
Robert Nencini
“Photographically born in the 80s with a rangefinder camera given to me by my father, that love then grew in the “3C Cinefoto Club Cascina Silvio Barsotti” and in 1986 I took the step of becoming a professional. The attraction for life in all its aspects and for the environment prompted me to pursue my lights and my emotions. I try to look beyond the lens and enter the scene, without ever distorting reality. I just try to accompany you with my eyes into the world”

Wednesday 11 October / author’s evening
Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
Born in Parma in 1975, he inherited the artistic vein from his naïve painter grandfather. He has been drawing and painting since he was a child, approaching photography in 1997
He particularly loves nature and animals in all their forms, specializing as a nature and landscape photographer in the constant search for the beauty of the world around us, finding his main source of inspiration in it. Recognized as one of the best Italian photographers for macro photography and of landscape has been published in various Italian and foreign magazines. There are also many awards obtained abroad. It is part of Nikon Professional Services.
Between 2013 and 2014 his photos of the “Bridesmaids” of the “Snails” and of the “Dog against the Polar Bear” go around the world and are used in various photography magazines, aired on Discovery Channel Canada and published in newspapers in various countries of the world including Daily Record, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, Huffington Post, Le Matin, The Guardian online, in the Times, in the Sun, in Vanity Fair and many others.

l'ignoto e l'evidente


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11 Oct 2023


21:15 - 22:15


Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia