Food and Wine

Around here, eating is a cultural experience. A varied, fertile landscape, production techniques handed down over the generations, and a variety of places and occasions where food can be shared: here, everything tells the story of the Italian good life, and its good food.

Food and Wine Specialities

In the world’s most famous Food and Wine region, wherever you look you find a proudly conserved traditional product or recipe. Something to suit all tastes…

Balsamic vinegar “acetaie”

Every old Modena family has its equipment and recipe for making balsamic vinegar, passed down from parents to children. Today, apart from the private makers, various Municipalities also have their own “acetaia”, or vinegar loft, where Master Vinegar Makers create the famous “black gold”.

Local wines

From frothy pinkish Lambrusco to the spicy notes of Barbera and the creamy white bubbles of Pignoletto, experience the wines and terroirs of Maranello and its surroundings.

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