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Take a weekend to explore the many facets of an area that combines tradition and innovation, culture and nature, high-speed thrills and relaxation.

Day 1

First stop on arrival in Maranello just has to be the Ferrari Museum; the Tourist Information Office within the museum can provide full details of the district and answer any queries.
The motorhome parking area at Via Fondo Val Tiepido, Torre Maina, is equipped with drinking water and sewage disposal. The River Tiepido nature trail crosses the motorhome area and is ideal for a restorative stroll before dinner.

Day 2

From Torre Maina, drive through Fiorano and a few kilometres above San Michele Dei Mucchietti you will come to the Pescale Archaeological Site, an old Neolithic settlement in pristine natural surroundings.
Set off again in your motorhome and follow the road up into the hills, park at Prignano and follow the signs to a wonderful viewpoint: Prignano Big Bench.
Then proceed to the motorhome parking area at Via Camezzao 6, Fiorano.

Day 3

Visit the Salse di Nirano, cold salty mud and fossil water springs, a spectacular geological phenomenon! Stop at Spezzano Castle to visit the Ceramics Museum, then drive on to Formigine to explore the old town centre, the castle and the churches which provide the backdrop to the shopping streets… and don’t fight the temptation to buy something special to take home with you from your weekend of discoveries!

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