Salsa di Casola Querciola Mud Spring

Salsa di Casola Querciola

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The Salsa di Casola Querciola mud spring, recorded as long ago as 1733 by scientist Antonio Vallisneri, alternates period of relative calm with times of intense eruption. At times it is virtually dormant, and in the past it has even become invisible as all the land above it has been farmed normally. In 2015 the liquid mud outflow points shifted as far as the track leading to Farneto, which runs around the northern edge of the spring’s area. Visitors are able to view the Spring from a fenced path running right along it, accompanied by a series of educational placards providing full guidance both for school parties and for other visitors. There are also protective fences around the main active outflow points.

The Spring area is an ideal location for environmental education, not only for schools but also for the general public, offering the opportunity to view an unusual part of the natural heritage only just outside town. The Salsa di Casola Querciola mud spring is at the far western edge of the Via dei Vulcani di Fango (mud spring trail).

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