Maranello Municipal Balsamic Vinegar “Acetaia”

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Cooked grape must, aged by slow acetification and fermentation. Very lengthy ageing in sets of barrels of different sizes, in different woods, with no other substances added. A final product with a gleaming, dense, dark brown colour. A “syrupy yet fluid” consistency, a “sweet and sour” flavour with velvety overtones of other tastes, and an “attractively, harmoniously acidic” bouquet.

These are just some of the characteristics of Modena Traditional Balsamic Vinegar as described by the master tasters of its official regulating Consortium, made in accordance with a centuries-old formula. One of the products for which Modena is most famous, recently the “black gold” with its unmistakable flavour has also been welcomed to Maranello.

The town opened its Municipal “Acetaia” in 2012. The must of locally grown grapes – as tradition demands – ferments, matures and ages to perfection in an attic at Via Abetone 196, at San Venanzio, just above Maranello. Open to visitors (booking required) on Sunday mornings in June, July and August, the Maranello Balsamic Vinegar “Acetaia” offers insight into a unique product documented since 1508.

And, of course, the chance of a special preview taste!

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