Formigine Castle


The Castle is the heart of Formigine and its surrounding area. It is the symbol of the community and the main custodian of the collective memory. It is also the townspeople’s meeting-place, available for use in many different ways.
On entering, visitors immediately come to the tourist information office with bookshop, with information about the castle itself and about possible itineraries in the Modena area and the “Circuito dei Castelli” (there are no fewer than 17 fortified complexes).
A visit to the Castle is made even more enjoyable by a restaurant and a wine bar, where fine local foods and wines can be savoured.
The historic seat of government for the town, the Castle still has an institutional role: the Council Chamber and Wedding Chamber are on the first floor, while the north-east tower contains other rooms used on formal occasions. The Castle’s impressive rooms can be hired for meetings, conventions and events.

The Castle’s central location within the Formigine area makes it an important cultural venue, hosting many concerts, theatrical performances, book presentations, guided tours and historical re-enactments every year.

The Castle also contains the Multimedia Archaeological Museum, which recounts historic events through multimedia installations by Studio Azzurro, a famous experimental arts studio in Milan.

The Castle’s grounds, a popular meeting-place also used to host events, are a green oasis right in the centre of town.

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