The LBA Library


The BLA, Biblioteca Ludoteca Archivio storico (library, play centre and historic archive), the new multipurpose cultural centre of Fiorano Modenese, was built to the design of two Turin architecture firms Buonomo Veglia and Areaprogetti, and officially opened on 1 October 2011.
With a floor area of over 1700 m2, the centre “enriches the cultural heritage, improves the quality of educational and cultural services, and helps to revitalise Fiorano town centre”. The form of the building, with two sections which meet at an angle, evokes the shape of a book and reminds us of the centrality of reading.

The Library, named after Paolo Monelli, stands on land owned by the Municipality and is designed on three levels: a basement for the utility rooms, the ground floor with the library, play and teaching areas, and the first floor with the open-access library shelves, the local history section and the historic archive.

The steel structure is entirely clad with porcelain stoneware, a ceramic material produced in the local ceramics district. The internal utility systems provide climate control via primary air active beams in the ceiling, while the historic archive has an air-only ventilation system. Hot water and heating are provided by a solar system with vacuum tubes, and rainwater is also recovered to reduce water use.
A photovoltaic plant on the roof operates in parallel with the electrical grid. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the area.

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