The Parish Church of Rubbiano

Along the Bibulca Way, discover the Parish Church of the Maestro delle Metope
The Romanesque parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in Rubbiano

Set in a landscape of rare beauty stands the beautiful Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, almost intact in its harmonious Romanesque proportions, of very ancient origin, founded during the 7th century, perhaps among the first to be built in the Modena area.

It stood along the Bibulca (Bi-bull) Way (so called because it allowed two oxen to pass side by side), one of the main medieval roads to Tuscany, which crossed the Apennines at the Passo delle Radici. This road became crucially important after 727 when the area, previously dominated by the Byzantines, was conquered by the Lombards who already occupied Garfagnana. This served as a stimulus for traffic along the Bibulca Way, and the Parish Church, which also became a hospice and shelter for pilgrims, gained in prestige and prosperity.

The ancient road is still in good condition and is included in the network of hiking trails in the municipal areas of Montefiorino and Frassinoro.

Today, the Parish Church of Rubbiano remains one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in the Modena area. It has a basilica layout with three naves bordered by columns with neo-Corinthian capitals. Of particular interest on the outside are the three apses with ornate capitals and friezes with hanging arches and the bell tower.
Inside is a 12th-century Apuan marble font decorated with figures of mermaids, attributed by some to the 'Maestro delle Metope' who is believed to have worked in Modena around 1130, while A.C. Quintavalle assigns it to the circle of Wiligelmo.

Remains of 14th-century frescoes are also preserved.

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