The Francesco Aggazzotti Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia

The Francesco Aggazzotti Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia
The flavour of history

Formigine’s municipal balsamic vinegar “Acetaia” is now in a new location and is open for visitors. It is now in the attic of Villa Benvenuti, standing in fine grounds in the old town centre. The villa, dating from the 16th century, was renovated in the Nineteenth Century in the eclectic, somewhat derivative taste typical of that period and now houses a number of associations. Visits are led by master vinegar maker Giorgio Ferrari, who currently runs the Acetaia, and his team of experts.

The Acetaia is named after lawyer, agronomist and oenologist Francesco Aggazzotti, first Mayor of Formigine after the Unification of Italy. He was born in 1811 at Colombaro, where he became a producer of fine wines. A letter which he wrote in 1862 provides the basis for the production regulations of PDO Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

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Acetaia Comunale di Formigine “Francesco Aggazzotti”
Villa Benvenuti, Via Sassuolo, 6, 41043 Formigine MO
Info and bookings:
Tel. +39 059 416277 – Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00-13:00;

IAT Terra di Motori Tourist Information Office
IAT Terra di Motori / Museo Ferrari Maranello
Via Dino Ferrari 43, 41053 Maranello (MO) Italy
Tel.: +39 0536 073036

The Acetaia is open on Sundays from 10:00 to 12.00 (booking required: Tel. +39 059 416277 – Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00-13:00; email:

There is no charge for entry to the Acetaia.

Guided tours last about 30 minutes and are led by Grand Master Giorgio Ferrari

During the public health emergency, visitors to the municipal Acetaia are required to comply with the specific regulations enforced by the protocol to prevent the spread of infection. These regulations may be subject to changes and/or variations depending on case number trends, in accordance with central and regulation government regulations. They should therefore be checked prior to your visit at

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