A Ferrari is donated to the Municipality


It was inevitable that the first Ferrari to be named after a place should bear the name of the town where it was built.

On 8 November 2005, Ferrari President Luca Montezemolo presented the Municipality of Maranello with a Ferrari 575 M Maranello, the company’s first car to bear the name of a place, embodying the strength of the historic bond between Ferrari and Maranello. Since then, the car has been permanently installed in the foyer of the Town Hall on Piazza Libertà.

“The Maranello is the first of our cars to bear a place name, in order to officially acknowledge the historic bond between the company and the town,” Mr Montezemolo stated when presenting the gift. “Its launch in 1996 also coincided with a time of great worldwide success for Ferrari. With this donation we wish once again to highlight our bond with this area and its people: we work with the same passion and determination as the people of Maranello themselves. Ferrari always looks to the future without forgetting the past, and for us Maranello represents the past, present and future.”

The car donated to the Municipality of Maranello by Ferrari is the last 575 Maranello to be built. The car was first introduced in 1996 under the name 550 Maranello. It was updated in 2002 to create the new 575 M (modified) model, with displacement increased to 5750 cc and the introduction of a Formula 1 gearbox.

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