Birth of Motor Web Museum


“Motor Web Museum” is the modern interactive digital platform designed by the National Network of Motor Cities to create a great virtual museum of Italian automotive culture.

It is an innovative tourism project designed to encourage interest in the Italian automotive tradition and combine the real and the virtual. Through a simple, appealing, highly customisable user experience, it raises awareness of the Italian automotive heritage in order to increase knowledge and attract incoming tourists to the member locations, addressing an audience of families, fans, academic and holidaymakers. For every member Municipality and organisation, the platform offers detailed contents constructed with a view to engagement and edutainment for younger users. Fundamental features include the biographies of famous personalities, themed itineraries and “degrees of separation” that highlight the links between apparently distant places, topics and objects. In the year when the Ferrari Museum totalled a record number of visitors and confirmed its place as one of the region’s top tourist attractions, the promotion of the historic automotive heritage goes virtual, with the stated aim of reaching a larger and larger audience and linking long-established know-how with innovative languages, all tracing a totally made in Italy story.

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