Keys of the Town presented to Luca Montezemolo


On 6 December 2001 the Town of Maranello awarded the Freedom of the Town to the President of Ferrari for his excellent leadership of the company in the years from 1992 onward.

The Town Council’s decision coincided with the tenth anniversary of Mr Montezemolo’s appointment as Ferrari President and CEO.

He was presented with the keys to the town during a ceremony at the Auditorium Enzo Ferrari. “President Montezemolo,” the citation states, “has been a worthy successor to our fellow townsman Enzo Ferrari, making a major contribution to reinforcing the Ferrari corporation’s bond with the local community. He has been a cornerstone, an invaluable partner and a driver of the restored economic and sporting success of a major Italian industrial enterprise, with beneficial effects not only for many local businesses but also for the social fabric of our town, which, as a sign of its gratitude, hereby awards him its freedom.”

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