The Italian-German summit


On 31 August 2016, Maranello hosted a bilateral summit of the Italian and German leaders.

The then Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with their respective delegations, met in the Ferrari plant, international symbol of Italian excellence. A day which has gone down in the history of Maranello, and which recognised the importance of a territory that stands for world-class skills and the ability to tackle the challenges for today with a hands-on approach and a weather eye on the future. Welcomed by local politicians and the company’s top management on the Ferrari circuit, the Italian and German leaders spent a whole day discussing the key issues on the European political agenda, from flexibility to economic security and from terrorism to immigration, just a few days after the tragic earthquake which had hit vast areas of central Italy. All summit proceedings – attended by top-level government delegations from both countries, with a final joint press conference by the Italian Prime Minister and the Chancellor in the presence of large numbers of Italian and foreign journalists – took place in premises made available by Ferrari, in a context of international excellence.

This historic day confirmed Maranello’s status as an emblematic site of Made in Italy manufacturing, famous and appreciated worldwide.

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