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Enzo Ferrari would have wanted to see that Galleria (Gallery) dedicated to the legendary Prancing Horse. The project of a Museum on the History of Ferrari took shape in the 1980s. Ferrari committed himself towards giving shape to yet another “effort”. However, his age was advancing, and his health was worsening.

Enzo Ferrari passed away in the summer of 1988, at the age of 90, when the Galleria Ferrari was still a project on paper.

After coming to an initial standstill, however, the Galleria Ferrari started to take shape. That is, after all, what The Drake – as he was nicknamed, like the legendary corsair – would have wanted. It was then inaugurated in 1990, the day of Ferrari’s birthday, on February 18th. Frenzy was at its best. As in the best traditions, the last details were terminated at dawn, just a few hours from the opening. Borrowed cars, mementos of drivers, as well as Ferrari’s memorabilia. The original nucleus expanded over the years, while the number of aficionados who visited continued to grow.

In 1995, management of the Galleria passed from the Municipality of Maranello to the company itself. Today, the Galleria has become the Museo Ferrari (Ferrari Museum). Thematic halls, insights on the red legends, on the world of racing, on Ferrari cars that made the history of motors, movie projections, F1 simulators, a pit wall. The museum still continues to expand today, in its spaces and in its collection, as a testimony to a legend that continues its journey, careless of time.

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