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Enzo Ferrari transferred his car manufacturing company to Maranello in 1943. Its first headquarters in Modena was abandoned for several reasons. It was war time and the law on the decentralization of businesses forced Ferrari to look for an alternative to the city. This went to his favor. In order to pursue his dream of constructing racing cars he, in fact, needed more space and knew that the Modena plant could meet this condition.

For Maranello, Enzo Ferrari was not a stranger. Here he already owned a manor farmhouse and a plot of land. In 1942, a deed was signed, and in December, the confirmation was given by the Chief Magistrate, Giuseppe Ferrari Amorotti: Enzo Ferrari would be able to build his factory. The beginning was difficult. The war continued and the new structure was also bombarded. Yet, he knew how to heal his wounds, and start off stronger than before.

The position was still the same: the land he had purchased in 1942. Ferrari never moved its historic headquarters elsewhere, making Maranello and the Prancing Horse a soul in one. Over the years, the legendary reds manufactured in the factory exited the entrance on Via Abetone. The first among many was the Spyder 125 S: the first Ferrari with the Prancing Horse produced in 1947.

Since 1997, the Ferrari factory has undergone a profound modernization, in order to make its workplaces modern and welcoming. This is how the Cittadella Ferrari was born, which carries the signatures of prestigious architects, from Renzo Piano to Massimiliano Fuksas.


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