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1st October 1963 was an important date for Maranello: the “Dino Ferrari” Institute of Higher Education was officially inaugurated, named after Enzo Ferrari’s son who passed away when he was only 24 years old. From the very beginning it was a unique school in the national panorama: the only one with up-to-date teaching materials, thanks to the close collaboration it had with the Ferrari factory.

The school moved to its current headquarters in 1965. Enzo Ferrari himself financed the construction, partly with the proceeds from his book, “Le mie gioie terribili” (My Terrible Joys) published in 1962. After all, Enzo Ferrari was not new to initiatives in the field of education. Already in the post-war period, he had promoted the development of the “Alfredo Ferrari” motor mechanics course, named after his brother: a three-year “factory school” that gave his collaborators the necessary technical education regarding engines.

Today, the Ferrari Institute does not fail to build on its premises. Due to its unique nature, it is attended by students from all over Italy. Pupils and professors have, over the years, formed important work and research teams involving zero emission prototypes, presented in international races and road tests. Still with regard to schooling, a collaboration was created with the Sakahogi Motor Institute, located in the Japanese city where Nissan has its plant. Every year, an exchange occurs with Japanese students who come to Maranello for a few weeks and students from Maranello who are sent to Sakahogi. The collaboration among schools led to an official twinning between the two cities, which was signed in 2011.

The ability to look towards new generations as an irreplaceable and precious resource makes Enzo Ferrari today, even more than yesterday, an important and exemplary figure.

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