Dante Beltrami was the town’s first photographer, typographer and organiser of local sports events, but also an important person during the Resistance.

One of the businesses that opened in Maranello during the years between the two world wars, in addition to textile companies, was the printing business of Dante Beltrami, a central figure in Maranello at that time. His professional experience did not end with the skilful use of the press.

Beltrami was born in 1900 in Baggiovara. At the age of 18, he decided to move to Maranello in search of fortune. His dream was to work as a photographer and open a stationery shop. He finally started his business in 1925, “Foto Stampa Maranello”.

He already was an organiser of local sports events, and became the first photographer of the area. Meanwhile, “Foto Stampa Maranello” also became a printing shop, “Tipografia Beltrami”, employing young apprentices and giving them the basics for a job that was not in the farming sector.

But that is not all. Before he died in 1963, Dante Beltrami provided crucial support to the Maranello Resistance forces. When the rebels were preparing to join the partisan forces, they needed new identification documents. The necessary photographs were taken by Beltrami himself, risking arrest and transporting the camera to the meeting point in Casa Taddeo hidden under the false bottom of a galvanised bucket.



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