On 16 December 1942 Enzo Ferrari finalised the purchase of the plot of land in Maranello where he will transfer Auto Avio Costruzioni.

During World War II, Enzo Ferrari decided to move his company, Auto Avio Costruzioni, from Modena to Maranello. In fact, the business decentralisation law forced him to seek an alternative site out of town, but Ferrari willingly welcomed the initiative. He knew that the Modena plant was not sufficient for what he wanted to do, namely build race cars. In fact, the city expanded and the factory was located very near centre, but he knew he needed space.

His first choice was Formigine, but the deal fell through so Ferrari looked at Maranello. He was not a stranger in this city because he owned property here, and the field measuring 108 Modenese biolche (ancient unit of measurement of surface) that he purchased to build the factory borders on one of his properties. The purchase deed was dated 16 December 1942, but the building permits had already been issued earlier that month by the Mayor of Maranello, Giuseppe Ferrari Amorotti.

The Cavani plot, purchased from the previous owners Dante Colombini and Augusta Bertani, covered the area where the original building is still standing today, including the historic entrance. Soon the town, which had an almost exclusively agricultural economy, saw new job opportunities and sources of income emerged. A new era was about to begin, that of a partnership between Maranello and the factory of Enzo Ferrari.




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