Maranello’s name was mentioned first in a parchment dated 1191. However, there is another legend that tells us the name’s origin.

When the Terramare civilisation built its houses on stilts, or the Roman legions drove off the Ligurians, or when the Fogliano parish was founded, Maranello did not bear its current name. The first evidence of this name is dated 7th September 1191.

The proof, in a written parchment, reads: “Michele Abate of San Pietro in Modena concedes as a fief to Giovanni Cane and Pietro Venetico all she possesses in the same way as Ubaldo di Marano Arardini.”

It is in these two words – Marano Arardini, or Araldini – that historians say is hiding the origin of the name of Maranello. Ubaldo built the first castle on ancient foundations, adapting it to his needs. His family would give its name to the locality –  Marano Arardini or Araldini. In subsequent documents it became Maranellum, Maranelli and Maranello. The derivation would be linked somehow to the nearby town of Marano.

There is a more fairy-tale legend that explains the origin of the name of Maranello. It tells of a beautiful lady named Mara, who lived in the castle and fell in love with Nello, a poor villager. Their clandestine meetings were discovered by those who informed the girl’s father. Forbidden all contact, the two lovers, driven to despair, embraced each other in the Grizzaga creek and drowned themselves. The name of the city, Maranello, is a tribute to their impossible love.




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