In 1956 the motorists course was replaced by the “Dino Ferrari” scholarship dedicated to the Drake’s son, who died prematurely.

The three-year motorists course founded by Enzo Ferrari to train their workers and the youngsters of Maranello who wanted diplomas lasted for ten years. In 1956, the project stopped abruptly. Something happened in the life of Enzo Ferrari: his son Dino, a promising 24-year old engineer, had passed away due to a severe form of muscular dystrophy.

Understandably, the loss caused a standstill on many fronts, but the training project was not entirely abandoned. In the same year, Enzo Ferrari decided to set up a scholarship to replace, at least in small part, the mission of the motorists school.

The scholarship, named after his son, was unanimously approved by the City Council with the purpose of support a “poor youngster” in his studies to allow him to “commendably obtain a diploma as an industrial expert”. The schooling adventure that began in 1946, therefore, was not over, and over the period of a few years would re-emerge, stronger and more structured than before.


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