In 1931 Maranello was granted the use of a coat of arms, depicted today as a mosaic in front of the Town Hall

You can see the centre of Piazza della Libertà: 16,000 pieces of marble and semiprecious stones put together by the artist Mario Montanari to form the coat of arms of Maranello. Almost one small piece for each inhabitant, coming from all over the world to witness the city’s spirit of openness and hospitality. The mosaic was completed in 2000, 69 years after the coat of arms was adopted.

It was on 1 February 1931 when the decree of concession was issued to endow Maranello with its current crest. The decree describes the crest as “D’argento all’albero di pero fruttato al naturale, nodrito su pianura verde, alla vite fruttifera di nero accollata all’albero”, in an archaic sounding Italian language. The emblem chosen was a tree, a symbol of strength, well-roots in a fertile meadow, and the pears and the grapes refer to the main products of the area.