In 2012 the municipal vinegar works in Maranello was inaugurated at San Venanzio: the “black gold” from Modena finds its home in the city of the Prancing Horse.

Not only fast cars and ceramics: Maranello has made itself a name also for enogastronomy. The region and the province speak for themselves: in fact, the city itself is a “spokesman” for one of the local specialties: the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

In 2012 the municipal vinegar works were opened in Maranello in a loft in the village of San Venanzio. The “black gold”, prepared according to an ancient recipe dating back to 1508, started to be produced in the city of Modena. The definition of the master tasters of the Consorteria (the local Guild) defines this vinegar as a product of a “deep brown, shiny and strong” colour, with a syrupy consistency and “sweet and sour taste with velvety shades.”

In short, beware of imitations! The true Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is the one deriving from cooked grape must from local grapes, and aged in wood barrels and drums of different sizes. A long and accurate process of decanting and topping up the must transforms it in the unmistakable product we know.

The municipal vinegar works is a good starting point for a gourmet tour of the territory. Among the other products in the area approved by gourmet tourists, you will find all major specialties of Modena: Parmigiano-Reggiano, crescentine, fried dumplings, nocino liqueur. And finally, chestnut and mixed flower honey, and both Campanina apple, a variety of typical fruits of the area.