In 1997 Renzo Piano designed the Ferrari factory Wind Tunnel: the first step in “Formula Uomo”, to make the company a “Citadel” on a human scale.

In the mid-1990s the Ferrari factory began a metamorphosis aimed at transforming it into the current Ferrari Citadel. It was the beginning of “Formula Uomo”, a program inaugurated by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo to make the facility a place on a human scale. The purpose was to keep a high life quality for workers with job environments created by big design names.

The first step was the famous Wind Tunnel, designed by Renzo Piano. Today it stands behind the new entrance, with its unmistakable shape. It is a “sculpture of speed”, where the classic pipe that funnels the air-– indispensable in each Wind Tunnel – becomes the focus of the building, taking the form of a piece of engine.



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