In 2011 the twinning between Maranello and Sakahogi (Japan) was finalized, thanks to a relationship that began in school during an exchange between the Dino Ferrari Institute and N.A.C. Institute in the Japanese city.

As a renowned Motor City, Maranello could only twin up with another motor city such as Sakahogi. Home of the Nakanihon Automotive College, Sakahogi is near to the home to Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Suzuki. The official town twinning was signed in 2011 and is the natural continuation of an experience started at school.

In fact, since 1999 the N.A.C. in Sakahogi and the Dino Ferrari Institute of Maranello organised annual exchanges. Thanks to Professor Emilia Paderno and the Japanese Headmaster Hiro Hamada, some Italian teenagers began traveling to Sakahogi for company internships and vice versa. In fact, the exchange quickly became an important experience of human and working confrontation.

The two schools also participated in shared projects. Within the Levante project, for example, a mixed working team created the prototype MULO SYSTEM: a quadricycle vehicle road tested from Rome to Maranello. Also mentioned by Wired and the magazine L’Espresso, it was awarded an acknowledgement by the Well Tech Award in Milan.

The town-twinning between Maranello and Sakahogi is now part of the history of the city, sharing the industrial vocation and concrete projects of both cities for human and professional training of young people.



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