In 1995, the management of the Galleria Ferrari passed from the Municipality to the company, due to the great success and substantial effort required: the Ferrari Museum was a reality.

The Galleria Ferrari remained under the municipal administration for five years after it opened. It had been an immediate success. Many visitors came and museum was making money: 45,000 tickets were sold in less than a year. The management, however, soon became too complicated for a public institution.

The machine of contacts with lenders is immense, they need extra shifts of personnel to ensure that it stays open, and the gallery requires continuous and precise promotional work. Therefore, success lead to a decision: the city administration turned over the management of the museum to the company. They officially passed the baton on 19 January 1995. From that moment on, the Galleria Ferrari became the Museo Ferrari (Ferrari Museum), and it is still growing.

Today, the museum hosts a dynamic collection, with sections for temporary exhibitions, and thematic rooms that make up the skeleton of the museum, such as rooms dedicated to the Victories, to Formula 1 and to the Gran Turismo models. Films, F1 simulators, the pit stop wall …. The Museum continues to expand: adding space and items to the collection, it bears witness to a legend which goes on through the years.



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