Food for the mind … and more!

Food for the mind … and more!
Aperitif in the open air to enhance the excellence of the Maranello area, including moments of tasting, guided tours and author meetings

Friday 16 September 2022 at 6.30 pm
Bersana Farm
Via Fogliano 161, Fogliano (Maranello)
Apericena in the green park with: bruschetta of different types with our bread with sourdough, salamella and olives, pecorino cheese with our wildflower honey, pasta from senatore cappelli speck and zucchini, fried gnocco with culatello.
Cost: 35 euros (adults)
Guest of the evening: Pip Carter (Claudio Luppi). Live acoustic of unreleased songs and 60’s covers
Info and reservations: Sonia 327 926 4915

It is recommended to bring a large blanket so that you can comfortably enjoy a picnic. If you forget it, we will provide it to you!

cibo per la mente


16 Sep 2022




Bersana Farm
Via Fogliano, 161, Fogliano, Maranello MO, Italia

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