Nihonshu to cha. Sake and tea, traditional Japanese drinks

Furusato – Country of birth
Journey to rural Japan
Meetings curated by Floriano Terrano
In collaboration with the Circolo Blowup Maranello
May-September 2023

Friday 21 July at 9pm
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela, outside the Mabic Library, Via Vittorio Veneto 5 Maranello
Nihonshu to cha. Sake and tea, traditional Japanese drinks

Tea and sake are among the most famous protagonists of Japanese culinary and convivial culture. Although very different from each other, tea and sake share the ancient origin in the Shinto-Buddhist sacred sphere. Apparently the antipodes, tea and sake are the very essence of Japanese culture and their use marks the many rites of daily life in the rising sun. However their use is not only limited to being drinks, but they are used in other ways that are little known in the western world.

Free entry.

Info: 0536240020



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21 Jul 2023


21:00 - 22:30


Piazzetta Nelson Mandela
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela, Maranello, Mo