Onsen. The Japanese spas

Furusato – Country of birth
Journey to rural Japan
Meetings curated by Floriano Terrano
In collaboration with the Circolo Blowup Maranello
May-September 2023

Friday June 16th at 9pm
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela, outside the Mabic Library, Via Vittorio Veneto 5 Maranello
Onsen. The Japanese spas

Japan lies entirely on the Pacific ring of fire and this has meant that it is one of the most telluric and volcanic countries on the planet.
However, the strong geological activity has also given Japan the onsen, the numerous thermal springs of hot water that arise from the extreme south to the extreme north of the Japanese territory.
Over the centuries in Japan, onsen have taken on a strong cultural value, initially linked to the Shinto-Buddhist sacred and religious sphere and then later to tourism in places particularly famous for the beauty of the places and the properties of the thermal waters.
Even today, immersing yourself in the hot waters of the onsen is a simple and profound pleasure that the Japanese simply cannot give up.

Free entry.

Info: 0536240020



16 Jun 2023


21:00 - 22:30


Piazzetta Nelson Mandela
Piazzetta Nelson Mandela, Maranello, Mo

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