The places of Enzo Ferrari

Visit the places of Enzo Ferrari, between past, present and future
Would you like to retrace the steps of a legend?

A very special route awaits you in Maranello. It touches the most sensitive points of the town, those that excite and amaze us. The Ferrari Museum, Enzo's Signature in the town centre, the Red Garden for a selfie and many other places that make up the identity of the town of the Prancing Horse.

For the whole family, for true enthusiasts, for those who want to take a relaxing stroll through the streets of Maranello

On foot or by bike If you wish you can also take the car, but there are restrictions.

On foot, taking your time and making all the stops, it takes about an hour.
By bike, half an hour is more than enough.

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This route links all the Maranello sites linked to the figure of Enzo Ferrari.

Length: 2.5 km

on foot: 40min.

by bicycle: 10 min.

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