The Villa Gandini Park


“Il parco della Resistenza”
The symbols of the park in the old grounds of the splendid neoclassical Villa Gandini are the two magnificent ginkgo biloba trees on the southern side of the house.
The park contains almost 500 trees and the flora comprises over 60 species, some native and others exotic.
The old part of the park contains majestic beeches, fine silver pine and a Lebanon cedar. There are also many yew trees and box hedges. The park contains pools that are home to various aquatic fauna such as swans, ducks, terrapin and fish.
The “Il Picchio” Environmental Education Centre, the municipal adults’ and children’s Library and the “Hub in Villa” coworking space are all located within the park.
The park has benches, tables and a bar-coffee shop. There is plenty of car parking on the nearby piazza Ravera. Open every day.

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