TEDx: Evolution

E-volution: ideas for the search for improvement
On stage at TEDxModena in Maranello
Sunday 17 September 2023 at the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium in Maranello on the occasion of Motor Week

Maranello will be the theater for the dissemination of valuable ideas that deserve to be spread. Scheduled for Sunday 17 September at 5.30 pm, 6 speakers will present their talks focused on the theme “E-Volution” on the stage of the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium in Maranello.

The TEDx speakers are:

  • Tomaso Trussardi – CEO Trussardi Group – Brand Ambassador Fast Car Slow Food – Brand Ambassador Motor Valley Emilia Romagna
  • Paola Gemelli – Historical Researcher and Public Historian
  • Clemente Ingenito – Aviation pilot
  • Monica Zanetti – Founder of Scuderia Belle Epoque
  • Michele Aporti – General manager Zanasi Group
  • Micaela Verucchi – Unimore Researcher, CTO of High-Performance Real-Time Laboratory (HiPeRT-Lab)

The title of the event is “E-VOLUTION”: the conference will give voice to valuable ideas presented by speakers of international importance, will explore the different facets of the theme, focusing on the challenges, but also on the opportunities, linked to “evolution”.

This year’s TEDxModena wants to focus precisely on what evolution is: a process that stimulates man to incessantly seek perfection, which leads him to improve and innovate, to change while remaining himself. Evolution is intuition, creation, innovation, but it is also interruptions, difficulties, crises. It is man’s ability to think, remember and communicate, to relate to others to evolve. It is being aware of one’s history and tradition in order to search for one’s future. It is the surprise, the amazement that forces us to evolve. The speakers will accompany us on a journey on this concept, making us reflect on the importance of this topic and the urgency of its nature.

The event is organized by the TEDxModena Promoting Committee and directed by the curator and TEDx licensee Fabrizio Bulgarelli, and is promoted by the Municipality of Maranello, Unimore, Muner and Motor Week, with the support of the Collegio San Carlo Foundation. The contribution and scientific support of UNIMORE and MUNER are entrusted and directed by prof. Giacomo Cabri, Unimore teacher, with the support of prof. Francesco Leali for MUNER.

TEDxModena in Maranello 2023 will be included in the framework of the Italian Motor Week, already full of events that will enliven the city of Maranello in the previous days. Selected by the TEDxModena Team, there will be 6 speakers who will take turns on the stage of the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium from 5.30 pm to talk – for a maximum of 18 minutes each, according to the rules imposed by TED – about professional and personal life experiences in the fields of technology, science, creativity, entrepreneurship.

The Promoters and Partners. TEDxModena is promoted by the Municipality of Maranello, by MUNER – Motorvehicle University Emilia Romagna and by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, by the Collegio San Carlo Foundation. The event also obtained the contribution and help of numerous supporters including Zurich Bank and Evotek, as well as Technical Partners such as Proxima, Sator-Zanasi, Chimar, Legita, Toni Auto, StudioRPR and Consorzio Maranello Terra del Mito.



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17 Sep 2023




Auditorium Enzo Ferrari
Via Nazionale, 78, 41053 Maranello, MO, Italia