River Tiepido Trail

It flows for almost 30 kilometres through the Province of Modena before joining the River Panaro.

Its waters once supplied the Roman spa of Torre Maina, and when they proceeded downstream, they were far from cold. We are talking about the Tiepido (the name actually means “warm”), a minor river that flows near Maranello.

There is a walking and cycle trail beside the river. Near Maranello, the river’s course takes the form of a natural corridor eight kilometres long; joint environmental remediation works have created an ideal location for walking or cycling. It can be accessed from Rio Podo, Gorzano and Pozza. There are also car parks, picnic areas with tables and barbecues, and children’s play areas. The natural surroundings feature wild orchids, goat willow, poplar and wild cherry trees.

Nature watchers may glimpse not only squirrels and hedgehogs, foxes and badgers, but also the colourful riverside birds: robins, great tits and kingfishers.

A welcome area of natural peace and quiet for physical exercise and mental relaxation, and also ideal for educational purposes, for outdoor learning activities and natural history lessons.

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