During the 1946/1947 school year, Enzo Ferrari founded a three-year motorist course to properly train their workers and the young citizens of Maranello.

After the war, people had to roll up their sleeves to get everything back to normal. Even the Ferrari factory had to start anew, and to do that they needed primarily skilled labourers. In 1946 it was impossible to recruit people from Modena, even though they had technical training that was better suited to Enzo Ferrari’s needs, since he was intent on resuming his dream of building racing cars. Many roads were still inaccessible and in need of repair: commuting was not an option. The right resources had to be found in Maranello.

But how? The citizens were mainly farmers. They knew how to work the land, not assemble engines for cars. Even the factory workers did not have the level of expertise that Ferrari needed. He knew that there was only one solution: ensure proper training for his employees.

During the 1946/1947 school year, Enzo Ferrari founded a three-year motorists course in a former farmhouse on the Cavani property, which now houses the restaurant “Il Cavallino”. The course was aimed primarily at Ferrari workers. The subjects covered were maths, physics, drawing, technical training on engines and cars, general culture and literature. The course was named after Alfredo Ferrari, Enzo’s brother who passed away in 1916.

In 1947, the school opened to local young people who wanted a diploma. After three years, students were ready to work for Ferrari. Danilo Angeli would be the brightest student in the class of 1949/1952, a truly excellent student. Four years later, the motorists school would close its doors, but only for a time: the seeds of the current “Alfredo Dino Ferrari” secondary school had already been planted.



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