In 1936, the first Casinalbo – Serramazzoni bicycle race went through Maranello, and several soccer teams were created.

Ready, set, go! In 1936 the Casinalbo – Serramazzoni bicycle race took place, the first of a long series, and its route touched the Maranello area. The race was one of the signs of the rebirth of sports in the city after the first initiatives of the Fulgor Association in 1911 and the suspension of sports activities during World War I.

But cycling was not the only sport going strong among the citizens of Maranello. Of course, they also loved soccer. As the Casinalbo – Serramazzoni was scooting along the streets of Maranello, small town soccer clubs were already active. Photographs of various groups show how uniforms evolved from year to year from tank tops and odd shirts in 1925, to identical short sleeved uniforms.

Soccer continued during World War II with the M of Mussolini pinned on uniforms. However, the soccer team of the newly formed Ferrari company sported the Prancing Horse instead of the M.



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